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Five Star Review

Dr. Tandon is amazing. Kind, comforting & welcoming. When dealing with a doctor regarding your health you’d hope to have a doctor you can feel comfortable with & trust. I had pain in my lower abdomen for almost 2 years before finding out that I had a Fibroid. I got referred to the VIP Fibroid Center by my obgyn and felt so lucky that I was. Not a lot of women who have Fibroids are aware of the procedure Uterine Fibroid Embolization- which is what I had done. If you have a Fibroid that is causing you pain, know that you have more options than getting a hysterectomy. This procedure is done with mild sedation & is practically painless. Recovery is rough, but is less time and I’m sure less pain than recovery from a hysterectomy. I’m writing this review after having my 3 month post op. Check up a few days ago and I can honestly say I was glowing with appreciation and happiness when I went in. I thanked the staff & was so happy to report to Dr.Tandon that all my symptoms have disappeared. I’m so thankful & will always be so grateful for being informed about the options I had. Thank you VIP for my amazing experience.” – Rose T.

Five Star Review

Finally! A less invasive procedure to help shrink uterine fibroids and help with symptoms of uterine fibroids!

Last year (2017) I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. I got confirmation via pelvic ultrasound at my OBGYN office. My cycles have always been light-moderate flow with a duration of 3-5 days. When I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids I noticed my cycles were much longer and heavier. Intercourse was very painful, and within a year I would have extremely heavy prolonged cycles anywhere between 20-36 days. Consecutively! In April of this year, my cycle was horrific! It started April 24th and it didn’t subside until beginning of July. Each day it got worse, and I even went to my OBGYN to figure out what was wrong. My fibroids got a little bigger and one fibroid was at my uterine lining causing the heavy prolonged cycle. I saw another OBGYN to figure out options. The only option she was giving me was to have a hysterectomy. I’m 40 years old, and I felt it was very unnecessary to have my uterus removed! I used to work for an OBGYN and I remember what patients would go through after having a hysterectomy. Even though it would help with the bleeding, other problems would occur. I even discussed with my OBGYN about a less invasive procedure instead of a hysterectomy, and she right away shut me down. I had done a lot of research about alternative ways to help shrink fibroids and help all the symptoms that come with it. Yet, my OBGYN thought I was crazy and I would just be wasting my time, etc. I was so upset and all I wanted was to go a day without these heavy periods. It was so heavy, I remember having to wear overnight pads and changing literally every 10 minutes! Some days were better than others, but when it was bad-it was REALLY Bad! My OBGYN asked me why was I against having a hysterectomy. Especially if I’m done having kids (I have 3 kids). First of all, that is not a reason to give in and have someone surgically remove an organ from your body. That’s just my opinion. Secondly, I don’t want to deal with other issues after having a hysterectomy. Lastly, I’m very busy with school, work, and kids. I have no time to sit and heal from major surgery 8-10 weeks. Unless I had cancer, then yes please remove it! If not, then there’s no reason to remove it. So I took it upon myself and asked for a referral to a vein specialist. I felt that there’s someone out there that can help me without having major surgery. That’s when I was referred to the VIP vein/fibroid Center. The office staff was very friendly, and understanding with my situation. They scheduled a consultation appointment to see Dr. Tandon. I brought my medical records in with me just so Dr. Tandon knew about my history especially with fibroids. Dr. Tandon was very thorough with me. He explained a procedure called “Uterine Fibroid Embolization.” He said to give it at least 3-6 months to see improvements in my cycles. This is done in a out patient facility and you’re in and out the same day. Recovery time is about 1-2 weeks. For me, recovery was about a week. I felt completely normal after 10 days. This procedure has very minimal to no blood loss. I went ahead and did the procedure. I actually had it done with Dr. Singh (Dr. Tandon’s partner) because Dr. Tandon was out of town when I scheduled it. Nonetheless, Dr. Singh was very friendly and thorough with me the day of the procedure. He made sure I was comfortable, and I understand what he will be doing during the procedure. Procedure was a success! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I made this decision! My procedure was on July 10, 2018. By September my cycle was completely normal! Very light cycle that lasts no more than 3 days. Amen!!! I remember what I went through with those horrific cycles. So many nights I cried myself to sleep asking why me?!? UFE helped me 110%. Thanks to Dr. Tandon, Dr. Singh, Monica, and all of the staff at VIP Center.

If you’re suffering from uterine fibroids, I highly suggest to see Dr. Tandon and Dr. Singh to discuss the UFE procedure. I promise you will not regret it! Think about this before deciding on a hysterectomy or myomectomy.

I wish I can give them more than 5 starts!Jessica T.

I am 41 years old. I suffered from very large fibroid tumors. They always hurt. My periods were very heavy every month and lasted up to 7 or more days. It caused many problems the past 7 years. Every doctor i would go to said they wanted me to have a histarectamy. I didn’t want to go under a knife let alone not feel like a lady and being thrown into menopause so early. I had so many opinions from so many doctors i almost gave up . i researched on my own for about a year. Then i found Dr. Tandons office. I emailed them. They called me back within a few days. I new there was hope yet. I had my Embolization surgery in April of this year 2019. Best thing ever. It only took a few days to recover. I was back to work. No more pain. No heavy periods. Only 4 days a month with it being super light and no cramps. No pains at night. The office staff ladys were so kind and so amazing. They made me feel like being at home. I would recommend doing your research and calling Dr. Tandons office if you are having anything go on in your body with fibroids because the surgery was so light and easy going no pain and no scars best of all you wont be cut open and you dont have to be thrown into menopause. There is always a differnt way then a histarectamy. Please do your research and choose Dr. Tandons office. I would rate a 10 star if i could. Thank you ladys in the office and Dr. Tandon .” Always – Annette Stevens

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